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Home Window Tinting

Tinted glass windows were once reserved for the grandest cathedrals, mosques, and grand palaces. High-tech window coatings were only available to scientists at space agencies like NASA only fifty years ago.

However, window tints and films are now a viable option for regular people looking for an easy and affordable retrofit for energy efficiency and privacy.

Window tinting is a thin film that is applied to existing windows to reduce the cost of installing energy-efficient windows. It can also provide privacy and atmosphere. Tint is made from a variety of materials depending on its intended use. Some of the more sophisticated ones can block up to 70% or 80% of the solar heat in the summer. Tint is also promoted for improving insulation during cold weather, though this is not its primary function.

Home Window Tinting - Armored Glass Tinting

Window Tinting Is A Low-cost Alternative To Energy-efficient Windows

Window tinting, which is a thin film applied to existing windows, is a low-cost alternative to purchasing and installing energy-efficient windows. It can also improve the ambience and privacy.

Some of the advantages of home window tinting are as follows:

  • Energy efficiency and cost savings in both hot and cold weather
  • Comfort comes from maintaining consistent temperatures near windows
  • Sun protection to prevent fading of furniture and carpets
  • Skin protection from UVA and UVB blocking, equivalent to SPF 1,000 sunscreen
  • Tinting and one-way mirroring provide daytime privacy
  • Computer and television glare reduction
  • Safety. When glass is broken, the film can hold the shards together, preventing break-ins
  • Noise reduction from the outside
  • Darkening spaces that are frequently too bright

Home Window Tinting Maintenance

Window film can last 15 to 25 years if properly installed and cared for. Because window film is less porous than glass, it is less likely to become dirty as quickly. That means there will be fewer window cleanings on your to-do list.

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