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Anti-Graffiti Window Film for South Bay & Orange County Businesses and Homeowners

You never know when vandals are going to strike your South Bay or Orange County home or business. Armored Glass Tinting frees you from worry by applying an anti-graffiti window film that protects the surface of any glass window or mirror from spray paint, glass etching solutions and other forms of damage.


We highly recommend the application of security window glass film for any business in a high-traffic area and homes that want more protection on top of their gates and high fences. Our thin film doesn't interfere with the functionality of mirrors or the views enjoyed from your windows. It just makes it easy to eliminate signs of graffiti if vandalism strikes your area.

How does anti-graffiti film for windows work? It's simple. You allow our experienced professionals to apply a thin film over the surface of your windows or mirrors. If someone spray paints, etches or otherwise "tags" your property, we can easily peel off and replace the film. That's much faster and far more affordable than replacing large windows and mirrors.

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