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DefenseLite Riotlite Safety & Security Laminate

In times of violence and chaos, retailers and building owners must have a strong security solution in place. Glass windows and doors are often vulnerable to forced entry, property damage, and theft during such situations.

Introducing RiotLite, an innovative laminate solution from DefenseLite that can be applied directly onto existing glass surfaces. This durable, thick film 'stack' provides reliable shatter-resistance, offering property owners protection against severe security threats like riots and smash & grab crimes.

Defenselite Riotlite

Benefits of Safety & Security Riotlite Laminate

RiotLite offers the following benefits:

  • Optically clear, 21 mm. thick film for application to interior glass
  • Stackable protection
  • Provides shatter resistance to prevent hazards from broken glass caused by impact events
  • Strong adhesion to glass and shock-absorbing properties

  • Protective hard coat for scratch resistance and durability
  • Shields against UV light to reduce fading of interior furnishings
  • Easy to clean with standard window cleaning solutions
  • With RiotLite, businesses can enhance their safety and security measures with a reliable solution that fortifies their glass surfaces against potential threats.

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